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  Every Saturday at:

Old Strathcona

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What is EVA?

EVA is Elk Velvet Antler

EVA is 100% natural, safe and effective. The research proves it!

It comes from the farm not the lab!

And you wont know unless you try!


Why use EVA?
EVA will enhance your energy level, bolster your immune system, lubricate your joints by soothing and nourishing them and reduce recovery times after surgery, injury or a strenuous work out.  EVA Performance by Shooting Star can help you achieve “Maximum performance – naturally”.    read more…


Scientists and health practitioners have not yet found a cure for Arthritis.  Until they do, EVA Arthritis by Shooting Star can help!  “Because you deserve to feel great every day!”    read more…



Benefits for Pets and Horses
Pets are a very important part of every family.  EVA is as important for healthy growing puppies as it is for dogs with special needs.  Make EVA-CANINE a part of your pet’s diet so you make sure they get all the nutrition they need to live a long and healthy life.Use EVA Equine to help with your horses needs.    
read more…



Try EVA today!

Make Shooting Star your #1 choice for a premium collection of natural health nutritional supplement for your whole family, including your pets.