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Q: Is EVA effective in relieving joint pain? 

A: According to the Arthritis Society there are more than 100 types of arthritis, the most common of which is osteoarthritis (OA).  By age 70, about 8 out of 10 Canadians will have OA.  OA is a result of the weakening and/or wearing down of the joint.  The cartilage cushion between bones becomes thinner and doesn’t protect the ends of the bones as well as it should.  Joint fluids are not present like in a healthy joint.  The result is a rubbing together of bone wearing the bone down even more.  The complex mix of ingredients found in elk velvet antler work together to lubricate the joints and aid in pain relief.  top^

Q: What is the side affects associated with EVA?

A: There is no known side affects reported through many years of use either anecdotally or through research.top^

Q: If I (or my pet) take EVA do I still need to visit my doctor (or veterinarian for my pet)? 

A: EVA provides many wonderful benefits for people and pets.  We strongly recommend that you and your pet obtain advise and guidance from your doctor(s).  EVA does not replace the need for professional medical assistance with health issues.  If your doctor(s) is not familiar with EVA we can suggest a variety of sources of information that would be beneficial. top^

Q: How is antler harvested from farmed elk?

A: Velvet antler is harvested by accredited producers through a partnership between the Alberta Elk Commission and the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association.   Legislation requires that producers are trained (and thereby accredited) in the techniques to ensure harvest practices meet stringent requirements for humane animal handling.  Humane harvest and handling of farmed elk ensures healthy animals and an abundant supply of EVA for years into the future.  top^

Q: What is EVA?

A: EVA is Elk Velvet Antler.  The velvet itself is disgarded, the inside is dried and ground.It is 100% natural, safe and effective.  Read more…

Q: Do the elk die because you take the antlers?

A: NO!  This is a misconception some people have.  Elk naturally shed and re-grow their antlers every year.  When used for EVA, the antlers are harvested earlier.  The elk then shed the remaining portion in the spring and begin to grow a new set of antler. top^

Q: Can children take EVA?

A: Yes. Today's active child involved in sports can recover quicker from injuries and get back to their game. Children who suffer from joint pain can also benefit from EVA. Many ingredients found naturally in EVA are good for bone, muscle and tissue development. top^ 

Q: What’s the difference between EVA for people and EVA for pets?

A: Same great product but different packaging. North American consumers prefer EVA in capsule form. Your favorite pet will likely enjoy EVA sprinkled on his food or some are better with capsule form. Traditionally, the Asian communities have enjoyed EVA for thousands of years in a sliced form that is stewed or steeped in teas. top^ 

Q: Will EVA give me more energy?

A: EVA will provide you with many nutrients that you cannot get in diet alone.  You will feel better and you will have more energy.  Gone will be the need for that afternoon power nap! top^

Q: What do your elk eat?

A: Our elk graze on a natural pasture during the spring summer and fall months.  They are an intermediate browser and therefore enjoy eating leaves, branches and trees. top^

In the winter the eat a good quality hay with alfafa, timothy, brome and clover. When the bulls are growing antler and the moms are nursing babies they are also given whole oats.

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