Recommended Doses of EVA for Pets

EVA Canine

Is 100% pure Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) powder that is packaged exclusively for pets.

Dogs love the taste of the powder – we recommend just sprinkling it directly on their food. EVA Canine is available in a 100g tub. Each container includes a double ended measuring scoop. The small end will measure 140 mg of EVA and the spoon end will measure 1120 mg.

Our chart below, will give you the recommended dosage:

Sprinkle on top of your dogs food daily.

10-15 lbs 

½ scoop

16-34 lbs 

1 scoop

35-75 lbs

2 scoops

75-95 lbs

3 scoops

100-125 lbs

4 scoops

100g Jar Lasts

15kgs dog

 35 days

30kg dog

 165 days

40kg dog

 100 days

Recommended Dosages

The recommended dosage of EVA is based on a formula of 15 – 20 mgs per kilogram of body weight once or twice per day.  This recommendation comes from the ***research performed at the University of Montreal.  For example, a 40 pound dog (approximately 18 kg) would need about 360 mgs up to twice a day.  Higher doses may be given for healing or performance enhancement purposes. No side effects were noted during this research with the use of EVA in animals at these dosages. The recommended dosage for a horse is about 1g or 1000mg.

For long term benefits and relief, EVA should be given daily.  As with most natural health supplements, the effects of administering EVA tend to be cumulative. When first starting your pet on EVA we strongly recommend a minimum of a 45 day period to allow EVA to begin to do its work. Typically, significant benefits can be seen after eight to twelve weeks of consistent use.

We’ve had many customers using Pet EVA to treat arthritic or hip dysplasia see results in less than one week. We encourage you to consult your veterinarian on all your pets’ health needs.  Although we have never experienced any adverse experiences please contact your veterinarian immediately if the need should arise.

All Shooting Star EVA products are manufactured to human grade specifications and standards. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – read more.  This provides you a risk-free way to experience what EVA can do for your pet.

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